Ahava Hand Cream

Ahava Dead Sea Skin Care products are very well known for there full line of natural skin care products featuring the amazing benefits of Dead Sea Minerals. The Dead Sea is a unique body of water which features a singular chemical composition. The Dead Sea has been long known for itís therapeutic advantages.

There products contain no animal ingredients, are not tested on animals and they adhere to the strict commitment to the ecology.

They have great hand care products which provide you not only with great results but protection as well.

Premier Hand Cream - this hand cream gently draws moisture deep below the skins surface for ultimate moisturizing benefits. With repeat use this Ahava hand cream will renew the skin on your hands resulting in younger more youthful looking hands.

Advanced Hand Cream - this hard working hand cream is one of Ahavaís most popular products. This non greasy formula is fast absorbing and provides powerful moisturizing benefits. Provides all day care and leaves your hands soft, smooth and protected.

Although not specifically meant for hands, Ahavaís Dermud Elbow And Knees Cream has to be mentioned. This concentrated cream is specially formulated to treat those who have dry, cracked elbows and knees. This cream infuses deep moisture into these areas to help soften these hard to heal areas of the body.

Be sure to check out our other pages featuring Ahava Skin Care products and other Dead Sea skin care products. These pages provide you with even more great info on the amazing benefits of Dead Sea skin care.

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