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The ingredient behind the start of this line of skincare from B. Kamins Chemist is the patent pending Bio-Maple compound. During a winter fishing trip in Northern Canada, Kamins noticed that all the Maple trees surrounding the lake were the only plant life which had survived the harsh winter weather.

With further research Kamins discovered the serum from these Maple trees were rich in anti-oxidants, minerals, natural preservatives, alpha hydroxy acid and polysaccharides. Kamins also noticed the base of this serum was aqueous and non-greasy making it ideal for skincare. The serum was then purified into a non-toxic, all natural skin penetrating additive.

All B. Kamins products contain grade A quality, pharmaceutical ingredients that are all tested for purity, before and after the product is made. There are 3 great ingredients exclusively found in B. Kamins products.

  1. Bio-Maple Compound - penetrates skin, moisturizes, anti-oxidant, humectant.
  2. Profusion Ceramide - a skin plumping molecule that fills in fine lines.
  3. Episphere Blue - tiny time released capsules of Vitamin E an anti-oxidant.

B. Kamins Body Lotion is a dermatological lotion which helps to cosmetically treat the symptoms of hormone deprived skin before, during and after menopause. It is a non-greasy formula which helps to cool, calm and reduce redness in skin. Also works to fight against dryness, itching and helps soothe the skin.

The Maple Body Lotion is a therapeutic lotion with a warm scent. It contains soy, honey as well as the signature Bio-Maple compound. Absorbs quickly and leaves skin soft and smooth with rich Shea Butter.

B. Kamins Chemist line also includes face care for all skin types as well as other body care products. All products are dermatologist recommended and are not tested on animals.

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