Cellulite Treatment

There are many possible explanations as to what causes cellulite, but the truth is no one knows what really causes cellulite. Cellulite is a series of ripples of fat cells and fibrous tissue underneath the skin. It is mostly found on the thighs and butt, and mostly on women.

Cellulite is not caused by being overweight as many slim women suffer from this as well. Older people have more cellulite than those who are younger but it can be a problem for adolescents as well.

So how do you get rid of cellulite? With no proven cure to rid of cellulite there are some steps that can be taken to help reduce the appearance as well as perhaps prevent cellulite.

Avoiding certain medications (weight loss pills, sleeping pills, laxatives), regular exercise, eating healthy and taking time to relax and reduce stress are not only important in a healthy lifestyle but can help reduce and prevent your chances of getting cellulite.

Besides lifestyle choices, creams and lotions there is another Cellulite Treatment you may consider if all else fails. This treatment is called Mesotherapy.

Featured on TV shows such as 20/20, 48 hours and in magazines like Allure, W and Elle this is considered the most effective treatment for cellulite. Mesotherapy is a cosmetic procedure that has been performed in Europe for over 50 years, so it is not a new treatment.

Mesotherapy is used to shrink fat in the belly, chin, arms, neck, love handles and thigh area. It can also be used in the ‘bra bulge' area and underneath the eyes. Rid of the cottage cheese and appearance of dimpling in the skin and attack the fat without the excessiveness of liposuction.

Mesotherapy is a great choice for those who want to target small areas of unsightly fat. A small needle is used for these injections so getting to those difficult spots is easier and more precise. Depending on the needs of the patient, these injections include a mixed solution of fat dissolving substances. Some of these ingredients include those such as Carnitine, Aminophylline and Phosphatidylcholine.

Also depending on the patient is the amount of injections that will be needed. Usually within the range of 5-15 injections are needed and are done every week or two. For the best results when having a treatment such as this is to be sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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