MD Forte Skin Bleaching Gel


Looking to help even out your skin tone and fight the look of aging? MD Forte, an advanced skin care system uses Glycolic Acid compounds which are a form of Alpha Hydroxy Acids which help to gently exfoliate the top layers of the skin.

With itís physician strength Glycolic products, this skin care line features products which contain 2 to 3 times higher levels of glycolic compounds than other similar products. The glycolic compounds in these products are buffered which creates a less acidic product that makes this line less likely to cause irritation and redness and is tolerated well.

This product helps to fight the signs of premature aging such as irregular pigmentation and fine lines. It offers long lasting results throughout the day which maximizes the rejuvenation of the skin. The exfoliating process helps to remove the dry, sun damaged skin resulting in smoother, softer skin.

With regular use it will balance your skin tone, hydrate and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A great product for those with oily and/or acne prone skin as it will help to improve the skin.

This gel contains 2% hydroquinone in a base containing 10% Glycolic Compound.

MD Forte products are physician dispensed and should be used under physician supervision.

Be sure to check out the other great products in this line that can help you to achieve the best results. With products made to compliment each other you can easily create the perfect skin care regime and be on your way to healthy, supple, younger looking skin.

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