Obagi Skin Care

Obagi NU-DERM is a product with the concept of skin health, not just skin care. Skin health meaning total skin care, where as skin care is targeting one problem at a time. This creative cream program is the perfect line for all skin types, ages and skin colors. It is formulated to provided smoother, healthier, tighter and younger looking skin. Proven to give results and treat specific skin care problems.

This program was initially created by Dr. Zein Obagi, an internationally known certified dermatologist. Each product in this line is formulated to work with the other for each individual's skin health regimen.

Included in this line is an extensive selection of products for all skin types and skin health needs. The following is a list of the categories where you'll find a range of great products to choose from.

Prepare - cleansing gel for normal/oily skin, cleanser for normal/dry skin and toner.

Correct - exfolliants, treatments with alpha hydroxy acids, phytic acids and hydroquinone. Treat skin discolorations and fight further damage.

Stimulate - renew healthy skin cells.

Protect - protect with skin with different levels of SPF and help fight premature aging and spotting from sun damage.

Control - Nu-Derm Action - treats dry flaky skin. Nu-Derm Tolereen- temporary relief of minor irritations like itching and burning. Nu-Derm Eye Cream- take care of the delicate skin surrounding your eyes.

Also available are pre-packaged systems/starter kits. They include kits for normal/oily skin and normal/dry skin. Travel sets are also available for the same skin type combinations. A great way to try the product for the first time!

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