For many, many years the way to treat scarring was using silicone, cortisone, dressings and vitamin E. Most patients would find this to be not only time consuming but difficult and many would give up the lengthy process before obtaining any results. ScarGuard scar care has combined all of these ingredients into an easy to use liquid.

This clear liquid is easily applied onto the scar, dries within seconds to a nearly invisible flexible film. Proven to show results when used daily.

Ingredients and their benefits:

Since the early 1980's topical silicone has been the base for most scar products which doctors recommend. As an ingredient in things like make-up and hair spray as well as many other products we all use daily doctors believe it to be an effective and safe way to help improve the appearance of scars.

Scarguard uses this along with the two other main ingredients known to help improve the look of scars. Cortisone is one of these other ingredients and it has many beneficial effects. Cortisone is an ingredient used in many products such as creams for diaper rash, eczema and sunburn. It is known for helping to reduce discomfort and irritation, which are common side effects often associated with scarring.

Vitamin E is another ingredient used and although some believe it helps others don't. However it does work as a lubricant at the very least and the makers of Scar Guard believe it helps to soften the skin. As an oil based vitamin it has moisturizing benefits.

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