A professional line of skin care products with over a decade of research behind them, Skin Medica has a full line of products to help maintain the benefits from surgical and clinical procedures as well as reverse sun damage and help rejuvenate skin.

One of the more popular lines from SkinMedica is the Perfect 10' Regimen. You may have even seen it on Extra, or heard that its Bo Derek's secret to looking fabulous at 50. This line provides serious skin care and dramatic results, also perfect for all skin types!

The Perfect 10' line includes TNS Recovery Complex which is the first and only product to contain NouriCel-MD. NouriCel-MD helps to rejuvenate, nourish and stimulate sun damaged and aging skin. Included in this 5 step regimen is the TNS Recovery Complex to rejuvenate and stimulate, Vitamin C Complex which provides antioxidant protection, Retinol Complex containing 3 different pro-retinoic acids.

The Dermal Repair lotion which provides a moisturizing base as well as contains vitamins A, C and E and finally Daily Sun Protection with SPF 20. This full spectrum sun block helps to block both UVA and UVB rays.

Also available from SkinMedica is a line for both the face and body use as well as a Holiday Relaxation Kit, Regeneration System and the Best Results Kit.

SkinMedica products are not cheap so depending on your price range you may just want to purchase an item or two, however for best results it is always best to use products made to compliment each other.

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