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Tired of unsightly razor burn, painful ingrown hairs and all of the other skin irritations hair removal leaves behind? Tend Skin is a product that helps to prevent as well as relieve all of those irritations that shaving, waxing and any other form of hair removal can cause.

This is a must have skin care product for both men and women. With nothing but great reviews this product is known for providing results. It contains a salicylic acid solution along with other fine ingredients and can be used everywhere you shave or wax including the underarms, legs and bikini area. Men can use it on their faces to prevent ingrown hairs and provide relief from post shaving irritations.

Available from Tend Skin are the following products that never fail to amaze anyone who tries them:

Liquid - perfect for use on the skin to prevent and relieve razor burn, ingrown hairs, redness and irritation from shaving, waxing, electrolysis and any other form of hair removal.

Purefection Deodorant - made after realizing what a great job the liquid form did for underarm irritations, the deodorant provides relief as well as contains a deodorizing agent to keep you smelling fresh. Get smooth, silky underarms with out the burn that some deodorants can cause after hair removal.

Air Shave Gel - provides a closer shave and protects the skin from irritation. Simple to use, an 8oz bottle lasts on average, 3 months for women and even longer for men due to the fact that it spreads evenly and you need much to get the job done. Wont leave skin dry and reduces friction preventing cuts and scrapes.

Waterproof Moisturizing Body Lotion - contains ceramides and sweet white lipids. These two ingredients together provide suppleness to the skin and reduce water loss from the skin so you get soft, moisturized skin.

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